Red-Tart Cherry Picking

Cherry Picking

Harvest Time is known for our Smoke House, Cider Barn, and Apple Barn but did you know that we also have Pick-Your-Own Red Tart Cherries on weekends in July?

Picking may sometimes start as early as the last weekend in June but normally starts on the first or second weekend in July and lasts until all cherries are picked. How long is that? In a good year, cherry picking will last 2 to 3 weekends. However, some years are not as good so cherry picking could be done in one day.

Watch our schedule, follow us on Facebook, or call us before you come to be sure we are still picking cherries!

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Apple Picking

Apple Picking

Harvest Time Apple Orchards is generally open for "Pick-Your-Own" activities in September and October. Picking sometimes starts as early as Labor Day weekend in September. Because the picking schedule is determined from weather conditions all year long, we won't know the exact schedule until mid- to late-August. When we are open, our picking days are Saturdays and Sundays only.

Check the schedule before you come to be sure that Mother Nature hasn't caused any last minute changes! Click the button for details on this year's schedule!

 Pumpkin Picking 


Pick-Your-Own Pumpkins



Pumpkin picking traditionally begins on the last Saturday in September. Our pumpkin patch is open on Saturdays and Sundays only beginning on the Saturday shown on the right. If that date shows "?" then the start date has not yet been determined.

We grow a couple of different types of pumpkins including Jack O'Lantern pumpkins and Giant pumpkins. Pumpkin picking is only while the crop lasts so depending on the crop size and the number of people that come out to pick, we may have pumpkins for anywhere from a few days to a few weeks!


*** Watch our Facebook page for updates on the crop! Better yet, sign up for our email updates so you know exactly what is going on and when!

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