Welcome to Harvest Time Orchards!

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At Harvest Time, we grow several varieties of apples and tart cherries.

At Harvest Time, you can usually pick your own fruit when it is in season. Sometimes, if the crop is small or the weather is not cooperating, we will not have the orchards open for picking. If you are planning to visit us specifically to pick your own fruit, we ALWAYS recommend that you call first. If we run out of fruit to pick, the orchard will close but the Red Barn, Donut Shop, and more may still be open. Call to be sure we still have something to pick!

When available, you will find fresh fruits that are already picked in our Red Barn beginning around Labor Day through the last weekend in October. This may include blueberries, peaches, nectarines, apples, and other fruits as they ripen. Since we provide fresh fruits, those fruits are only available in season.

When you're here, be sure to check out our homemade donuts which we make right here in our Donut Shop! You'll also want to taste our apple cider made in our Cider Barn during Spetember and October, and all of our great Country Smoke House meats and cheeses from Wisconsin.

Harvest Time is located on the Illinois/Wisconsin state line about 7 miles west of Antioch, Illinois. Click on the Location link for a map.

Our Pet Policy

We recommend that you do not bring your pets with you to the orchard. While we do allow pets in our outdoor areas, we no longer allow pets inside our buildings or on the Orchard View Deck. So, if you bring your pet, you will be missing out on much of what we have to offer. Service animals are always welcome but all other pets must remain outside.

If you decide to bring your pet, we ask that you follow these rules for the comfort and safety of all of our guests.

  • Your pet must remain outdoors
  • Your pet must be kept on a leash at all times.
    Even out here in the country, there are other people with their pets. Those people and pets might not get along with your pet as well as you do. Besides, the road that we are on is very dangerous for off-leash pets. The best way to keep your pet safe is to keep him on his leash.
  • You must pick up after your pet even out in the orchard.
    We ask that you be considerate of others. You don't want to step in what your pet leaves behind, and no one else does either!

Thank you for being considerate of everyone here at the orchard!

Tips for your visit

  • Do NOT wear perfume. We have lots of bees here - they are critical to the life of our trees. Bees and especially wasps and hornets really like sweet-smelling things like perfumes.
  • Do not wear high heels. Much of our activity is outside and the ground can be uneven. You will be much more comfortable in flats.
  • Sometimes we have more customers than expected and we may fall behind. Please be patient with us - we are a small family farm with limited resources.
  • When you visit ANY pick-your-own farm, call before you head out for a visit. Mother Nature can sometimes cause a change of plans and what you want might not be available.